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By RichoSoft
from Fortune Design
By RichoSoft

Online Hotel Room Booking & Management System

The Owner Pages (Control Panel), gives the hotel owner access to the following and more:

Owner Pages Information


System Settings

Room Type and Number Configuration

Room Price Set Up

Discounts Set Up

Seasons Set Up

View Rooms Status

Orders and Payments

Local Booking System

System Maintenance
From the ‘Control Panel’ the owner can choose some settings for the customer view:

Whether or not to display the Room number allocated on bookings to customers on line and in emails.

Whether or not a copy email is sent to the owner on booking.

The email address of the hotel.

The email address to accept PayPal payments.

Switch from PayPal SandBox to Live with one click.

The name of the hotel to appear on emails.

The name of the hotel person the email is to be signed by.

The hotel telephone number to appear on pages and email.

The scheme of the pop-up messages.

The return URL’s after completion of orders.
And also in Maintenance:

Back up the database and download the back up file.

Optimise the database tables to reduce overheads and keep tables in good condition.

Change Database Settings.

Clean out non-required and obsolete database records.

Examine Database record integrity.

Manage System Users.
And more….