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Hotel iBooker 2013 - RichoSoft - All Rights Reserved

from Fortune Design
By RichoSoft
from Fortune Design
By RichoSoft

Online Hotel Room Booking & Management System

You have three options.

How to get Hotel-iBooker or iBooker PLUS+

Fully Hosted -  This is the easiest to set-up and does not put any extra demand on your web site’s server. All the necessary files are hosted on our server. You pay a monthly fee for the hosting and maintenance and full support.
The customer iBooker pages are inserted into your site with code supplied.
The iBooker Owner control panel is accessed via a URL supplied.
Initial set-up of Room Data, Seasons, Room Prices, Discounts and System Parameters can be set up for you by us, recommended, (You just supply the info), or you can set these up yourself initially if required. We will customise the colours of the pages for you.
Additional customisation can be set-up for you too. (Basic customisation is FREE, more complex customisation may incur additional cost.)
http or https (SSL) connections are available.
Includes up to 1Gb disk space for system and database.
This way you start with a fully operational system.

WPP File - With this option you purchase for a one time fee, the WebPlus X6 WPP.
This will create all the iBooker Customer PHP pages, iBooker Owner PHP files and support files when published to your site. All other support files are supplied.
You can customise the page colours etc. But care must be taken in any other customisation, as WebPlus may move things around the page after changes are made. This may compromise the security and/or operation of the system.
All initial set-up is then your responsibility.

The FREE support only extends to the initial installation of the Vanilla product, and does not cover any customisation, whilst I will try to help with this where I can.

Files Only - With this option we customise your colour scheme etc. on your pages, and then supply you with all the iBooker pages pre-created for you together with all support files. This option does not require you to have WebPlus at all.
We will supply set-up instructions and details of where to upload the files on your server.
Any post-installation customisation will require us to provide new files to upload to your server and will therefore incur additional cost.

NOTES: With all three options FREE updates will apply in the case of bug fixes. (Hosted option fixes will be applied automatically) You will be supplied with instructions on how to apply the bug fix, and will be supplied with replacement files or a new WPP as applicable.
FREE updates when new features or functions are added only applies to the Hosted version, additional cost may be incurred on other versions if you choose to update.
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