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from Fortune Design
By RichoSoft
from Fortune Design
By RichoSoft

Online Hotel Room Booking & Management System

The latest version of iBooker now in PHP and MySQL.

Welcome to Hotel iBooker - PHP

Hotel iBooker is not just an on-line Booking system for hotels, it is also a room Management system that can be used locally to manage the rooms in the hotel.

The Booking ‘system’ allows you to set different rates for different seasons, multiple night discounts and even block specific rooms from being booked on-line, whilst renovating or just to reserve some rooms for local booking only. The ‘system’ also creates a PayPal submission and custom gateway with all the necessary code to let your customers pay on-line at the time of booking.

The Management ‘system’ allows you to move bookings from room to room, change the arrival date and nights stay and any other details on the original booking.

You also get an interactive graphical view of all rooms and their status for an ‘at a glance’ overview. From the graphic view you can bring up the selected rooms booking details and move it to another room or dates.

All room and date moves automatically re-calculate the room cost instantly.

The Windows server version in ASP has been very popular over the past year or so and so now a version for PHP and MySQL has been developed, which includes several enhancements over the ASP version.


Here is a brief overview of how the customer facing section works...

How it Works

There are many features and some of them are detailed here ...

Full Feature List

Whilst developing the PHP version I have added some enhancements ....

What’s New in the PHP Version

Site Highlights.

more more more

IBooker is available fully hosted, as a WebPlus X6 WPP or files only with an X7 version coming soon….

How to get iBooker



The latest Ultimate version of iBooker, iBooker PLUS+ in PHP/MySQL too ...

NEW iBooker PLUS+


Hotel  iBooker PLUS+ is the new Ultimate version of iBooker with many new value added features. It now includes an exclusive RePOS page. (RePOS - RichoSoft electronic point of sale).

iBooker PLUS+ includes all the features of the new iBooker PHP here PLUS:

RePOS.jpg more