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Online Hotel Room Booking &
Hotel Room Management System
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Setting up the System Parameters  (Each page has some help. Click the exclamation mark.):
The following parameters need to be set up via the Maintenance > System Parameters page.
Some of these are pretty obvious what they are.

PopUpScheme  - This is the scheme of the Pop Up Menus/Messages and DatePickers. (25+ selectable).

NotifyEmailAddress - The Hotel email address to be notified of new bookings and customer replies to email.

NotifyOwnerOnNew - Whether or not to send email to owner on new booking (Yes/No selectable).

ShowRoomNumbersOnCustBooking - Whether to show the system allocated Room number on customer screens and emails. (Yes/No selectable).

EmailNameFrom - The name of the Hotel person to sign the email.

EmailHotelName - The Hotels Name.

HotelPhoneNumber - The Hotels Phone Number.

EmailToReceivePayPalPayments - The PayPal account email address to receive payments online.

HotelWebSiteReturnURL - The Page URL of your Hotel’s Home Page.

ControlPanelLoginURL - The Page URL of your Owner Pages Login page.
If you have chosen the Fully Hosted version, Fortune Design will set these all up for you.
You will then need to add any local users to the system via the System User Management Section in Maintenance.
There are two levels of security, Admin and User.
Admin has access to everything, all booking functions, system maintenance etc.
User has access to local bookings, order viewing and management (EXCEPT DELETE ORDERS), payment updating etc. but NO access to any Maintenance or Set-Up areas.
You can have as many Admin and User Levels as you need.
When you add a user make a note of the temporary password shown, BEFORE you click ADD. This password will be applied to the users account and they should change it to one they can remember the first time they log-in from the Change Password option.

On the Maintenance page there is an option  ‘Get Table Statistics and Validate Data’, Click this to check that your set-up is valid. It will inform you of any issues that need to be resolved in the data tables, such as duplicate room types, room types quantities that do not match the room numbers entered, etc.
Setting Up iBooker System using the Owner Pages
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