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Online Hotel Room Booking &
Hotel Room Management System
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The following sections in the Owner Pages need to be populated (Each page has some help. Click the exclamation mark.):
Manage Room Types
Data Required:  Room Type, How Many Rooms of this Type, Active Y or N.
Manage Room Numbers
Data Required:  Individual Room Number, Room Type (must match a type in Room Types) , Active Y or N.
Manage Room Prices
Data Required:  Room Type (must match a type in Room Types) , Normal Season Price.
Manage Discounts
Data Required:  No of Nights to Start From, No of Nights to End at, Discount percentage.
Manage Seasons
Data Required:  Season Name, Start Date, End Date, Multiplying Factor (for room prices).

Room Types - Making a room type inactive will prevent ALL rooms of that type from being booked on line. (See also Block Selected Room(s) from being booked by selected date(s).)
Room Numbers -  Numeric Only. No duplicates. Must be allocated a Room Type. Making a room number inactive prevents it from being booked online, from the moment it is made inactive until the moment it is re-activated.
Room Prices - The price set in the system is the Normal Rate for the Room, all Seasonal rates are calculated  from this price.
Discounts -  Optional. The system is currently designed to apply discounts on ranges of multiple nights and then apply a discount.
However you could say run a promotion of say ‘For Every 5 nights booked get another 1 Free’. You would then set the Discount to be 0-5* nights at 0%, 6-6 nights 16.67%, 7-7 nights 14.29%, 8-8 nights 12.25%, 9-9 nights 11.11%, 10-10 nights 20%, 11-11 nights 18.18%, 12-12 nights  16.67%, 13-13 nights  15.38%, 14-14 nights 14.29%. Etc.
*They must book 6 nights to get the sixth Free.
(Nights must not overlap in each group of nights. eg: 0-3, 4-7, 8-12 etc.)
Seasons - Seasons must NOT overlap, and must cover every day in  the year. Seasons must be set in the system  to cover at least the bookable dates online plus some, as the bookable date range on line advances one day every day. Customers can book up to 1 year and 10 days from the current date.
(Suggestion: Always keep at least 2 Years worth of Seasons in the table.)
Setting Up iBooker System using the Owner Pages
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