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Online Hotel Room Booking &
Hotel Room Management System
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You need to have to hand all of the room numbers for the rooms in your Hotel, together with their type and Normal Season Prices. If you have some rooms  you classify as the same type but different prices, you will need to qualify the type of each. eg: if you have some rooms that you classify as Standard Double, and some are £45 per night and the others £55, then allocate their Room Types as Standard Double A, and Standard Double B or similar.
You will also need to have to hand the dates of each season, start and end date, and a factor you will apply to the room prices during each Season.
eg: If your Summer Season Prices are 20% higher than your Normal Season Prices, then the Factor for the Summer Season will be 1.2, and the Normal Seasons are always 1. Similarly if your Low Season prices are 15% lower than your Normal Season then the Factor for the Low Season would be  0.85.
If your prices are the same all year round then you will only have 1 season per year and the factor will always be 1.
You can have as Many Seasons per Year as you like and they can have duplicate names if required.
So a typical year’s seasons may look like:

In addition you have the option to automatically create Discounts based on the Number of Nights Booked. This could be as simple as ‘Book more than 3 nights and get 5% discount’ or more complex like ‘Book 3 - 5 Nights get 5%’, ‘Book 6 - 9 Nights get 10%’, ‘Book 10 or More Nights Get 15%’ etc.
So a typical Discount set-up would look like:

If you opted for the Hosted Version, Fortune Design will set up the tables for you, just supply all room numbers, types, prices,seasons etc on a spreadsheet or text document and we will  populate the tables for you.
There are 5 Main Room/Season/Discount pages of data that you need to set up to get up and running, these are detailed on the next page click more to view.
Setting Up iBooker System using the Owner Pages
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