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Online Hotel Room Booking &
Hotel Room Management System
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iBooker  Owner Pages
The Owner Pages are protected by a User ID and password security system, with two levels, 1 (Admin) and 2 (User).
The User level (2) has access to Orders, Payments, Local Bookings and Graphical Room View.
The Admin level (1) has access to all the above, plus Maintenance, System Admin and User Management.
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Owner Page Functions:

Manage Room Types (Set Up)

Manage Room Numbers (Set Up)

Manage Room Prices (Set Up)

Manage Discounts (Set Up)

Manage Seasons (Set Up)

Table View Active Rooms Only

Table View ALL Rooms

New Room Booking

View/Edit Orders

Change Password

Log in

Log Out

Database Utilities

Compact Database

Delete Backup Database

Delete Un-Compacted Database

Database Records

Delete ALL Cancelled Orders

Delete Old Provisional Bookings (selectable age)

Get Table Statistics and Validate Data

Manage Users

Add/Remove/Edit System Users

System Parameters

Edit System Parameters

Block/Close Rooms

Stop selected room(s) from booking online
Users Access in orange -  All others are Admin Access
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